"We help people to rediscover their health through mindful nutrition & lifestyle changes”

Welcome to Beyond Scale

  • Are you struggling to make your health a priority?
    Do you need help incorporating a healthy lifestyle into your busy day?
    If your answer to these is yes, I am glad we crossed paths here.
    Hi! I am Saumya Mishra, I am a Licensed nutritionist (UAE),
    →Diabetic Educator,
    →Nutrigenomic Counselor,
    →Diploma holder in Sports Nutrition (Gulf Medical  University, UAE),
    →Life Member of the Indian Dietetic Association
    →KHDA certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist
    I have been practicing as a dietitian for more than a decade now.When I am not doing this, you will find my nose in a book or trying to make my world better by composting, recycling, gardening or practicing minimalism.Smart eating habits are a lifelong commitment. Food should spark joy, not misery.I want to make nutrition simple yet effective and without the guilt.
    I have helped thousands of clients transform their lives through a sustainable lifestyle and better food choices.Optimum results require discipline, dedication, and consistency.
    If you are willing to put in the effort, I am ready to hold your hand every step of the way in your health and fitness journey).

Our Services

Corporate- Wellness WOW LIFE

A corporate wellness program is an employers’ approach towards achieving a healthy workplace by incorporating various health activities within the daily work schedule to promote their employees’ wellbeing. 

Prenatal Nutrition

Pregnancy is a time when your nutritional status should be fully optimized. Learn what & how much to eat, which supplements to take & also what not to do.

School Fit Program

We make it interactive by including Fun Games,Activities,Prizes. Our aim is to make it interesting for teachers & students. To help them be mindful of their eating habits, optimum growth, athletic performance & overall health.

Metabolic Disorders

For those diagnosed with Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune Disorders, Food intolerance/ Sensitivities, GOUT, Anemia, and BP. Let me help you with expert advice & take the guesswork out.

Weight Management

It is about maintaining or thriving to reach a weight that supports sustainable health. Body Composition Analysis, Underlying Health Issues like Diabetes, Prediabetic Condition, Hypothyroidism, PCOS.

Healthy Kids

Identifying underlying medical reasons for being overweight/underweight. Balanced Diet for School & Home, Diet for better immunity & overall growth.

Why Choose Us?

Nutrition with Saumya-Beyond Scale

We are taking a leap Onward & Forward
Nutrition with Saumya
 has always been committed to empowering our clients with services backed by science. We believe nutrition should be simple yet effective. It has been a relentless yet thoroughly rewarding journey supporting our clients on their health and fitness path.The learning has never stopped and to enhance our client experience, a seed was planted that we hope grows into an enormous tree. This dream has been a long time in the making.And we are thrilled to present a bigger and better version of Nutrition with Saumya.

We present to you- Beyond Scale
Beyond Scale
 is an evidence-backed lifestyle consultancy.
We are now better equipped to address your health concerns with our result-oriented programmes. Our website has been upgraded with many new features for a delightful user experience.
Exciting collaborations with mental health, fitness, physiotherapy, and yoga experts promise you a healthier, fitter, and more mindful lifestyle.

Beyond Scale is ready to take the next big leap in your well-being with advanced tools and resources to provide the ultimate lifestyle solution.


Unique features of our Program

Mindfulness through CBT techniques

Weekly video/ telephonic session

Weight / Health / Disease specific skin and hair care consultation

Incorporation of food preferences and dietary restrictions in your diet plan

Bi-weekly customization of meal plans

Lifestyle guidance, portion control guide, eat-ing out & weight maintenance counseling

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Our Story

The Beyond Scale Story
The potential of a human body can never be defined or measured by a weighing scale. The real journey starts with the realization that well-being is profound than just weight loss. It is time to look beyond the scale.

What is Beyond Scale?
We are an evidence-based and result-oriented lifestyle consultancy. We are on a mission to empower, enable and educate individuals through empanelled health and fitness professionals. At Beyond Scale, we don’t hear but listen to our clients.

What do we do?
Beyond Scale
 believes in treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Our areas of expertise are:
• Pediatric Nutrition
• Weight Management
• Reducing Drug Dependency
• Women’s Health & Wellness (PCOS, Hormonal Imbalance, Gut Health
• Family Nutrition

How We Do It?
Our approach Is guided behaviour & habit change through CBT techniques , in
giving sustainable nutrition & lifestyle changes in diet which is backed byis backed by science and driven by expertise and professionalism.

We are in the process of developing:
 • An advanced online platform for our global clients
•  We aspire to have a State-of-the-art nutrition clinics in diffrent cities
• Cutting-edge nutrition workshops, modules & seminars for corporates,             schools & colleges
• Educational nutrition workshops for underprivileged women
• Collaborations with healthcare, fitness, and wellness experts.
Beyond Scale aspires to build a cohesive, supportive and thriving community of individuals who are ready to make health and fitness a priority.


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