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The best way to have eggs

I get a lot of questions about eggs & best way to have them .
✅Questions like- I have high cholesterol / sugar shall I take eggs ???? or can I have yolk from egg
More often women asking about quick & easy way to have them????????‍♀️And the answer is always this: it depends. You see, there is no food that is universally “bad for us”.
And in the same vein, there is no food that is “good for us”.
It’s all about how it makes us feel & current health status …
However in general if one takes egg in moderation it’s a good source of protein, very high biological value & a complete meal in itself.????????‍♀️Should I avoid yolks ??No plz No
One complete egg ???? will never harm if taken in right way .
????????‍♀️what is the right way – that varies but if you are trying to lose weight or have deranged lipid profile ( high cholesterol)✅don’t club it with carbs ( no bread / Paratha )
✅ add fiber & increase nutrient quotient ( add chopped veggies like spinach , onion , tomato, sliced mushrooms sprinkle some pumpkin seeds)
✅ have it in middle eastern way like zatar with zeit ( olive oil with Zatar spice ) & boiled chopped veg
( but but avoid khoobos)Voila !!!its way more filling & energetic to start the day .This is done in organic ghee & eggs ???? ( way better than regular ones)

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