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Calorie Counting – what you should know

Calorie counting!
✔️100 calories from a muffin ????
✔️100 calories from avocado ????and
✔️100 calories from crisps ????will all burn equally in a lab!
????Your body, fortunately is not a laboratory!!????????????????????????From a hormonal standpoint, all calories are not the same.
The calories you eat are absorbed at a completely different rate once they enter your blood steam based on the amount of fiber, carbs, fat, protein and nutrients.
????????????????????????????????That’s why I like looking at food as information! What your food calories are made up of gives your body different metabolic signals.????????????????When You eat a bowl of cereal in the morning Versus an omelette even if both meals are 300 calories each, you will feel different in your body when these meals get metabolized.
????✔️✔️Most people feel fuller after eating eggs and their urge to eat the next meal happens a lot later. That’s cause the protein and fat in eggs gives your body different signals through stabilizing your insulin compared to the information a bowl of cereal gives
✔️✔️✔️bowl of cereal with milk is definitely more tempting (more on this later)✔️But for all of you who keep asking me about Calorie counting… here’s my take.. Calories matter, but the source matters more.
➖Even if you eat upto 300 calories more daily but they come from fat and protein over carbs, you can expect to drop some weight. This is true for most people. and there are studies to prove this.
But if you eat more carbs in the day, because of the effect it has on your blood sugar levels, you will feel hungrier and your total calorie intake will go up.✔️Also, counting calories all the time can be psychologically very draining in the long run. I’ve seen my clients walk into my clinic addicted to counting calories and they come to me just to free themselves of that addiction.
The way we eat is the way we think and that’s the way we live our lives… if we are constantly counting calories, I think it does say a lot about how we view so many other things in our life.
I have never liked the concept of calorie counting and although it works for some people…I’m somehow not ok with the intention behind it ???? care to share your view on it?

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