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Dairy free smoothie – A quick breakfast idea

This is a five minutes breakfast that we often have these days , while both of us work from home
It’s a gluten & dairy free smoothie, with high protein & goodness of omega 3 & 6
✡️Here goes the simplest recipe ever
????????Chopped fruits ( we often use either Apple / Banana / Avocado)
????????Nuts like 10 almonds / 5 walnuts / 2-3 Dates all of these are soaked overnight.
????????2 tablespoon of either Amaranth ( rajgira or Ragi )
????????Add water
Blend these on high
Top it with presoaked chia seeds or Black RaisinsThis super nutritious smoothie is ready ????
We have been having it alternatively for a week now
& here ‘s the feedback from hubby
It keeps you full for longer yet you feel lighter as there isn’t much movement.
Feels energetic with goodness of nuts & dates & no cravings.
No need for elaborate cooking, it’s an easy DIY.
No mess you can sip it over while working.For me I love the fact that there is no extra ingredient to be arranged, yet I manage my share of nuts & seed at right time .Do try it people & like always share your feedback ????

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