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How to make a good Sandwich

Here’s the post for the love ❤️ of sandwich ????
Let’s just learn to do it right & healthy!!A good sandwich or wrap is a great option for Breakfast or quick lunch ????, just keep note of few important points—-✅ Read labels carefully, if you are in DXB go to Spinneys or Carrefour with in house bakery & chose whole meal bread ???? or loaf ????
Norlander / Artisan / Multigrain/ seed bread are some good options.
Not based in Dubai – chose to have wholemeal & make sure to skip refined flour✅If your target is weightloss, don’t add carb as stuffings like potato / patties or cheese spread rather add veg & green leaves etc✅ Try to choose condiments that add flavor while being less in calories
Add mustard, salsa, hung curd, hummus or a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar and avoid mayonnaise, ketchup and sugar and salt loaded spreads.✅Make it a point to include a source of protein in your sandwich to help you stay full for longer. Vegetarians can add- cottage cheese, tofu, boiled chickpeas, beans and
non vegetarians can add shredded chicken, poached/ boiled/ scrambled egg or tuna.✅ Vegetables are great to add to sandwiches. They can add flavor and crunch without many added calories. your sandwich must have a minimum of 3 raw vegetables.
Few of my favourite ones from lettuce, cabbage, onion, tomato, peppers, cucumber, carrot, sautéed mushrooms & bell peppers

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