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Ramadan Guidelines

Ramadan Kareem everyone!!
✔️Recieved couple of DM about healthy Ramdan diet / tips
✔️Here are the few pointer to keep in mind while fasting⏳To begin with it is very important to restore the #energy used by body in case of food crisis caused by fasting of 13 hours or more.
????Do consider having a wholesome meal at #Suhour, a meal including #cereals ( whole wheat bread/ oats / Ragi ) pulses or #lentils ( hummus / egg / vegetable ????️????salad with generous amount of olive oil and some fruit dessert in milk to provide you with sufficient energy to run the first half of the
???? Also do not forget to #hydrate yourself at this time.
While iftaar, you may begin with water slowly instead of consuming a lot of water all together.
????Do not drink water while #iftaar meal, or it will create uneasiness. Break the iftaar meal into two or three meals. Just like water, its not a ????great idea to stuff yourself with food at a go.
A healthy sprouts / boiled chickpea / fattoush salad with olive oil, and a #cheese sandwich full of
????lettuce and tomatoes will really help. Opt for proper meals like rice & chicken , soup , bread & grilled meat etc, instead of fried one’s.
????Hydrate your self properly with mint jaljeera , Laban / buttermilk ,fruits slush with grated ginger ( will be soon posting the recipe )
????Rehydrating self is again is also very crucial during these so try finish the 5- 6 glasses of #water. Also sleep well , don’t push your limits while trying to exercise .
Speak to your healthcare provider if you need to adjust your medication.
#Ramadaan Kareem!

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