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Acid Reflux … what to do ?

????????????????Indigestion, bloating, running to the wash room immediately after eating?Then here’s what you need to know:
A- Low stomach acids leads to poor digestion of food. This can also lead to leaky gut, gas, and malabsorption of nutrients (leading to deficiencies), acidity (low stomach acids leads to hyperacidity- check my acid reflux post) and can sometime can also lead to allergies.B- Low stomach enzymes- lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase are important enzymes that breaks down proteins, fats, starches, and lactose. Many patients misinterpreted lack of enzymes to sudden allergy to some foods. The reality in major cases is lack of these enzymes.C- Diet too high in processed foods can also abuse the digestion power of the digestive tract.D- Lack of exercise or too much exercise can also lead to this problem. If one is having adrenal issues and is trying to workout too much can have high cortisol which can affect the sleep and so can affect the digestion indirectly (body recovery takes place when we sleep).E- Lack of sleep- recently I’m coming across many patients who don’t sleep well and have sever acid reflux issues. Mainly the ones who have night shifts or travel alot.
F- Stress is another BIG issue. This point is written every where but not too focused for good health. In my observation, stress is more than 50% reason of your obesity and indigestion. 70% of serotonin is made in gut and so stress can affect it’s release greatly.
G- Antacids and antibiotics- this greatly reduces stomach acids leading to more acid reflux and indigestion (refer acid reflux post).????????What to do about it?????????
A- Start with Apple Cider Vinegar before breakfast, lunch and dinner ( drink with straw only or have in capsule for to not affect the teeth) to improve stomach acids- refer my acid reflux post.B- You can start supplementing digestive enzyme till you start making your own enzymes- post breakfast, lunch and dinnerC- Consume only whole foods and have atleast 7-10cups of veggies per day. Potassium will improve blood ph and will induce good sleep and relieve stress. Green leafy veggies are amazing sources of calcium which also improves sleep.D- Go for long walks.F- Sleep for 7-8hrsG- Ashwagandha an Ayurvedic herb can also improve sleep. Have it bed time daily.Do you also have these symptoms? Write in the comment section which one you have and what all have you done to heal.

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