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Burrito Bowl

Those of you , who follow this space or have consulted me ,know that I am not a fan of elaborate cooking. But at the same time I am always in search of these easy meal options which are healthy & balanced., this adds variety to everyday cooking .That brings us to my #TexMexBurritoBowl done at home , easier , healthier & tastier .
Plus , it’s completely customizable to add in your favorite protein or if you are like me ,keep it vegetarian, there are plenty of goodies to go around.
Here’s the recipe
✔️Bed of rice ???? ( quinoa can also be used ) rice is sautéed with 3 cloves of grated garlic , ginger & corn .
✔️Baked beans sautéed in tomato sauce ( I had these leftover from last night ) , other options could be grilled chicken strips , salmons fillets , black eye beans in tomato sauce.
✔️A Guacamole with texture ( I just used fork to mix all the ingredients, didn’t grind it to smooth.). This will stay in my fridge for tomorrow’s breakfast spread on sandwiches .
✔️Sprout salad is there everyday at our home , these are boiled sprouts with chopped cucumber , onion , tomato ???? dash of black pepper with salt , lemon ,sugar ( very little ).
Whipped creamy yoghurt with sugar , black pepper & oregano .
Enchilada sauce & those Corn Taco is the actual preparation in this recipe
✔️✔️My super easy version for enchilada sauce
A small onion ( fist size )
A small tomato ( fist size)
Both puréed separately
Add one teaspoon oil in a pan add grated garlic to it. , add puréed onion sautéed it nicely , add tomato purée , salt ,pepper & red chilli flakes, oregano to taste add 1/2 cup water & cook till , it thickens . Add a bit of lemon to make it more tangy .
This can be stored in fridge for a week .
Toss baked beans or boiled rajma in this sauce .
✔️✔️corn taco are made from scratch
Kneaded maize flour in to dough with a pinch of salt , roll out like chapati & bake it for 5 min. on preheated oven for 5- 8 min .
Break it with hands in to pieces of same sizeNow just arrange it
Bed of Rice layers on sides with baked beans , guacamole. , creamy yoghurt , & finally those crispy tacos ( which if you don’t want to do at home , you can easily get it from store as baked tortilla chips ( my son has Doritos ????????‍♀️????instead)✔️so while this requires a bit of preparations it has extra kick of protein & fiber , super filling as well.
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