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Fresh Turmeric Sabji

Many times some recipes are’nt gourmet enough to share .
But they are too good when it comes to nutrient content & tickling variety for taste buds .One such hidden gem is shared by KinjalFresh Turmeric with Feild Beans ( can be replaced with any variety of beans)
———————————————✅Ingredients1 cup tuver
1 cup grated haldi
1 cup any other veggies optional
Green chilly paste
Garlic paste
Ghee -3 tablespoon
1 small tomato diced
1/2 cup curd.Method✅Half boil tuver and drain the water.
✅Take a pan add 3 tbsp ghee then add diced haldi.
✅When haldi is half cooked then add tuver all d veggies
✅Add salt, green chilly paste and garlic ( according to taste)
✅Cook well all the veggies and then add tomatoes and curd.
When ghee is released after curd and tomatoes are cooked ur sabji is done.
Enjoy this lip smacking veggie high in antioxidant due to fresh turmeric & veg , it strengthens immunity & keeps us warm during winters & rainy season

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