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????Knee pain/ ????bone pain/ ????osteoporosis/ ????Heal spur✔️Osteoporosis is commonly associated with Low Calcium in Blood but there is another primary cause to it
and i.e High Cortisol Levels.✔️Cortisol is a hormone which is elevated with too stress- physical, mental or emotional.
This hormone is produced by Adrenal Glands but when the adrenal is fatigue, it elevates the cortisol hormone.✔️????High cortisol can make the blood pH too alkaline making it unfavourable environment for calcium absorption.
✔️????Also, this hormone depletes protein ls from the muscles, especially thigh muscles which leads to weak bones.➖????????When the ovaries stops functioning (menopause), adrenal glands are supposed to release the Estrogen but of one is already having tired adrenals, it will fail to function correctly. That’s why many women post menopause develop osteoporosis.
????????????????????????Not because of lack of calcium alone but mainly because of poor calcium absorption.✔️✔️✔️✔️What to do about it?
A- ????Reduce cortisol- Just go for normal outdoor relaxing walks for 45mins-1hr. Strictly no phones allowed here. Just enjoy walking in nature.B- ????Sleep more than 7-8hrs per day.C- ????Calcium Citrate- take only citrate form of calcium to improve calcium absorption well. Take it bed time as it will improve the sleep too. Please note: pasteurised inorganic milk milk is loaded with Estrogen hormone and cannot absorb calcium.Therefore, including milk and milk products won’t help much. Green leafy vegetables are rich and better sources of calcium, so include 7-10cups of green per day. Apart from that include, nuts and oilseeds (gardencress, sesame) to improve more calcium.
D- ????B1- is generally low in such patients. Nutritional yeast is best form of b1 or else take a supplement.
E- ????Vitamin C- rich foods like capsicum, lemon juice, amla should be included in the diet as it will enhance adrenal fatigue.
F- ????Vitamin K2 and D3- are the important carriers calcium from the blood to the tissues. Vitamin K is richly found in green leafy vegetables and vitamin D comes from sun but you have severe bone issues then it’s best to tale k2 + d3 combination supplement everyday.
G- ????Potassium rich foods- potassium improves the blood pH and so include 7-10cups of green leafy vegetables everyday to see the effective changes..

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